Muslim Aid-UK Bangladesh Field Office

Muslim Aid has been working in Bangladesh to assist the government in improving the quality of the education system addressing SDG goal number four. Since 2000, Muslim Aid has provided learning opportunities for poor and disadvantaged children through support such as, tuition fees, education kits, school uniform, stipend, cash, mentorship and others. MABCO successfully implemented Rainbow Family project where RF children were provided everything including basic needs, healthcare support and good education. Currently, MABCO has been implementing Community Based Modality(CBM) project to provide quality education to the children, strengthen community capacity and ensure sustainability. Through this model, MABCO aims to strengthen teaching and learning outcomes of primary and secondary schools, increase enrollment and access to quality education and safe environment for poor and marginalized groups of children especially girls, minimize gender disparity, ensure healthy learning environment by installing WASH block, repair school infrastructures, raise school fields, and provide education and play materials. So far, a total 4,972 children have been reached in 2022.


Mosa. Sarmin is a resident of Mirpur, Dhaka. When she was a teenager, she started losing her eye-sight. At one point, she became completely blind. As her father is a local Masjid Imam, it was very difficult for the family to survive  with limited income. However, she managed to complete her education with difficulties. Sarmin always wanted to do something by her own and never wanted to live as a burden on her family. She suffered hard times as people around her teased her for her being blind and unable to do anything. However, Sarmin was determined and believed that she would do something one day.  As she was always keen to learn new things, she wanted to learn computer. First, she learned how to use brail method and then learnt how to use computer with blindness using software. However, she always wanted to excel in computer. Unfortunately, her family did not have financial ability to buy her a computer and get her trained on computer related skills. But she never stopped dreaming and one day her dream came true when she heard about Muslim Aid Institute of Technology (MAIT) in Mirpur where Computer Operation Course is totally free under Inclusive Livelihood Program. She was very happy to know chase her dream finally. Eventually, Mosa. Sarmin completed her course and was nominated a laptop from the project after verification. Now she is confident and doing a part time job and look forward to learn freelancing for better job opportunities and contribution to the family income. Mosa. Sarmin expressed her gratitude to the Muslim Aid family and said that if Muslim Aid had not helped her, it would have been difficult for her to survive in thepost-Covid-19 situation. She said, “Muslim Aid has changed my life”.