Muslim Aid-UK Bangladesh Field Office

Student Selection Criteria for ECHO Stipend:

Below are the criteria’s that need to be met for selecting the beneficiaries:

- Students who have been studying in schools, colleges, universities, medical colleges, engineering & agricultural universities are eligible for stipend. Public universities, colleges and schools are more preferred.

-  Students who are poor but meritorious will get this benefit to bloom themselves.

-  Students from the families who are unable to afford educational expenses of their children.

-  Orphan and children of female directed family will get preference.

-  The families who are sending a minimum of 02 child in the academic institutions.

-  Family monthly income level within or below BDT.10000-15000 are preferred.

-  Single student from one family is eligible but 02 children also eligible to get stipends from the same family where more than 04 children are studying at different level.

-  Student of renowned institutes would get preference and will selected from different areas of Bangladesh.

-  Students from those families / areas who are able to communicate with the donors according to their need.

-  Students who may agree to provide progress report as per the demand of ECHO.

-  Students who have been enjoying stipend facilities from MABFO will get preference.

-  Special quota is preserved for disable students and specialized institutes.


Last Date of Application Submission: 22 April 2018


Application Sending Address :

ECHO-Stipend Programme-2018

Muslim Aid UK-Bangladesh Field Office

House-13(4th Floor), Road-27, Block-J, Banani, Dhaka-1213.

Mobile : 01841-246316

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